What Should I Know Before Getting a Metal Roof?

Thinking of Metal Roofing?

If you’re looking at new roofing for your home in the area, your roofing contractor may recommend a metal roof installation.  Your first thought may be “No! I don’t want my house to look like a barn!” But you’ll be surprised to see what metal roofing looks like today!

What does metal roofing look like today?

Well, it can look like the metal on an old barn if you want, but most municipalities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area won’t approve of that.  Today, metal roof installation can be done in a wide range of colors and styles, including looking like architectural asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate tiles, or wood shakes.

What makes a metal roof installation better than those other types of materials?

 The first thing you should know, a metal roof installation is going to be more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof installation.  However, that upfront cost will give you an ROI with these benefits:

  • It won’t break, crack, curl, flake, split, or warp
  • It is extremely durable and long-lasting, between 40 and 70 years
  • It is fire-resistant, hail-resistant, and wind-resistant
  • It weighs up to one-third as much as an asphalt shingle roof installation making it easier and faster to install and doesn’t put as much stress on the house
  • The warranty on a metal roof installation is typically around 40 years or longer
  • Metal roofing comes in over 20 colors
  • A metal roof installation is low-maintenance
  • A metal roof installation can be done over an existing shingle roof
  • A metal roof installation can get a discount on homeowners insurance
  • Metal roof installation is aesthetic and a value-add
  • Metal roofing reflects heat, essential in Texas, and is an energy and money saver

What should go under a metal roof installation?

A metal roof installation should start with a vapor barrier first under the external roofing components, i.e. the metal. The underlayment/vapor barrier is directly attached to the roof decking. The three choices of underlayment for a metal roof installation are:

  • Felt
  • Self-adhering membrane
  • Synthetic sheet

An experienced roofing contractor will discuss the differences between these underlayment materials and help you choose the right one for your metal roof installation.

Is a metal roof installation a DIY project?

It can be if you’re handy with the tools needed for a proper metal roof installation. However, a metal roof installation can be complicated depending on the scope of the roof and the brand of the metal.

Are furring strips required under a metal roof installation?

That can depend on what the metal roof installation is going over.  If it is installed over existing asphalt shingles, furring strips are needed to provide ventilation and a base in which to attach the metal panels.

Can you put metal roofing directly on plywood?

With a metal roof installation, you could install it directly to the metal, but it is recommended to install a layer of roofing felt first at the minimum. Many contractors will recommend they install a slip sheet as well for extra protection.

What are the downsides to having a metal roof installation?

A metal roof installation will offer you many different benefits we have covered here.  But not everything is perfect, including a metal roof. Some disadvantages to consider and review with your roofing contractor include:

Despite their many advantages, metal roofs have some potential drawbacks.

  • The Cost. A metal roof installation will cost as much as 3 times more than an asphalt shingle roof. The offset benefit to this is the durability and longevity, and in most cases, a discount on homeowner’s insurance.
  • Sounds. A metal roof installation has a history of being noisy when it rains or in a  hailstorm. This can be minimized by having quality decking and insulation installed before the metal. This will make the job more expensive, but more enjoyable for years to come.
  • Contraction, Expansion, Fasteners. A metal roof installation is done with materials that contract and expand with the temperature, wearing the fasteners out, and requiring them to be replaced throughout the lifespan.
  • Color Matching. If a metal roof needs repairs that require replacing any of the metal panels, it can be difficult to match the color exactly.

Staying On Top

Once you get past the initial cost of a metal roof installation, you’ll have many years of enjoyment. You’ll know your home is better protected against fire and varying weather elements. Your home will have a value-add that will be attractive to possible buyers should you decide to sell – home buyers are always looking for upgrades that can save them money on energy and delay when they need to replace expensive components like a roof. Call our team today at (863) 445-5155 if you are interested in metal roof installation or repair.